Citterio ensures, every day, a commitment to responsible practices towards the environment and the surrounding society. Our mission is to promote sustainable projects and products that drive innovation, preserve resources, and improve management processes to reduce our impact on climate change. We actively engage in conscious practices related to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations.


Citterio, a Molteni Group company, has been committed to creating sustainable work environments since its foundation in 1958. Throughout its history, it has developed office furniture solutions that not only adapt to the ever-changing needs of the international market but also prioritize environmental sustainability. Citterio is evolving into a “Tech by Nature” entity, a new approach to production based on the synergy between the company’s expertise and technology to create sustainable, resilient, and nature-inspired products.

Tech by Nature is not just a response to recent events but a realization that the solution has always been at hand, in nature itself. Over the years, technological progress has often distanced humanity from nature, imposing unsustainable processes on humans and ecosystems. Today, more than ever, it is essential to try to reconnect with nature and adopt a respectful approach in line with a new set of values. In this context, “TECH BY NATURE” takes center stage in Citterio’s actions.

Technology thus becomes a partner of nature, bridging the gap between humanity and the environment and assuming a role as a cultural guardian. The use of natural resources, landscape preservation, and durability have become key points in Citterio’s objectives, fully embracing this philosophy. Starting from the initial concept, the company minimizes the use of virgin raw materials and integrates circularity principles into the manufacturing process. Sustainability is an integral part of who Citterio is and what it does, guiding it towards a future where office furniture is synonymous with environmental responsibility and continuous innovation.


Through robust policies and practices, we aim to maximize positive environmental impacts, address social challenges, and ensure ethical and effective management of the company. Our ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) journey guides us in making informed decisions, incorporating sustainability standards into our operations, and creating value for stakeholders, contributing to people’s well-being and the preservation of the planet.