Citterio’s ability to outline solutions that integrate with the Client’s work has always been one of the reasons why the company is the preferred choice of the best designers around the world. All Citterio’s orders are based on a project designed by their technical department in full compliance with the client’s requests.

The company’s ability to contribute to special projects and to provide customised solutions of the highest level is guaranteed by Citterio’s know-how and their use of special design and production technologies. Citterio’s specific “furniture culture” is renowned and shared by workers and collaborators across the organisation and is best expressed in those special works that require an interpretation ability that goes beyond the standards.



Citterio’s production and technological capacity enables the company to complete challenging large-scale projects that may also include the marketing of third-party products, obtained through Citterio’s own market research or specifically designed by them for a specific project. This know-how allows Citterio to be included in the furnishing supply chains of major international works.

Upon the customer’s request, Citterio can offer colour and material variations, with matt and glossy lacquers in colours form the RAL palette as well as using precious wood finishes.


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