Città: Carpi
Photographer: BP Architects
Architect: BP Architects / Arch. Emanuele Piccinini

This important Italian fashion brand faces the setting up of their new headquarters and chooses sober and neat work spaces, designed to provide a suitable background to welcome the style and chromatic variability of the company’s clothes collections. White for the furniture, ceilings and walls, which meet the oak finishing of parquet floorboards, creating a warm and intense atmosphere. Light outlines spaces and defines proportions. Order and elegance are the key words of this setting. The Basic wall, the Shard desks, and Box modular storage units are the collections chosen by the Client and the Designer.

Light is the key element of this project, outside and inside the building, and it embraces the facade and the model. The façade with its soft and flexuous shape takes it inside and creates three-dimensionality and proportion.


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