Città: Paris
Photographer: Mauro Davoli

An efficient and modern work space where meetings take place in a small environment, equipped and soundproofed, arranged along the building internal lines. Everything happens in neutral spaces, separate from the operational areas, in a private and comfortable setting that invites to share and connect. Soundproof, but with full visibility. On the outside, solid and glass parts create volumetric compositions, while internal acoustic panels add colour in all environments. The office concept evolves and goes beyond stereotypes, reaching new spaces, enriched in functions and highly performant. For this environment, the Client and the Designer have chosen C_SS acoustic booths

Liveable spaces, inspired by functional minimalism, enhanced by technology. State-of-the-art meeting
rooms where one can isolate from the outside without losing visual contact with the surrounding operational
spaces. Acoustic comfort, technological light fixtures and thermo-hygrometric controls coexist in one single environment.

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