Città: Ispra (VA)
Photographer: Filippo Poli
Architect: Architettura AOUMM

A cutting-edge research center where functional areas communicate with one another in a new way through the large central hall that connects the entrance with meeting rooms, the coffee area and the outdoor courtyard. The project aims at responding to the need for spaces dedicated to interactions within the building, through dedicated actions in perfectly set up specific areas. Colours, shapes and materials interact in the large volume pervaded by natural light where, acoustic comfort and privacy are ideal, despite spatial proportions.
The Client and the Designer have chosen the architectural version of the C_SS acoustic booths collection.

Acoustic booths are architecture inside architecture. Volumes are acoustically separated from the surrounding space, yet perfectly integrated thanks to their clear glass walls. Spaces to be used for meetings and work, no longer tied to strictly operational contexts, but included in the common area to improve their usability.

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