Città: Losanna
Photographer: Studiolux
Architect: Arch. Marie-Eve Laurent

A large and busy work space where operational tasks are carried out in an open space, on static and height-adjustable workstations: executive and meeting spaces enclosed in glazed rooms, while for private conversation there are several small phone booths provided on each floor. A sophisticated setting that provides balances the coldness of concrete and exposed fixtures with the warmth of wood, used for both walls and desks. A pleasant mix of materials and finishes. The colours of the seats connect and enrich the environments, providing a playful touch and dynamic character. Wood_Wall wooden wall and Shard desks are the collections selected by the Client and the Designer.

Wood_Wall claims the rediscovery of wood. It is not a nostalgic return to the past but an affirmation of a new awareness and attention to the inner quality of the workplace. Tradition gives way to industrial technology, and the result is a system of wood and glass partitions of great technical and stylistic value.


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