Città: Reggio Emilia
Photographer: Studiolux
Architect: Arch. Andrea Oliva

The work environment, with its minimal and light atmosphere, has been designed to be a sophisticated work scenario. Its layout is articulated by the perfect transparency of partitions, large surfaces of the architectural frame, by black details on partitions, furniture and light fixtures. Despite the total transparency and visual continuity between adjacent environments, soundproofing and privacy are ensured by glass partition walls, single or double. A tidy, rigorous and modern space. Wood_Wall wooden walls and Shard desks are
the collections selected by the Client and the Designer.

Visibility and privacy, visual continuity and isolation. Aspects that seem to be in contradiction, but that are perfectly harmonised in the real world. Perfect transparency where only sound is confined, environments where
the senses are intrigued by opposite perceptions


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