Architecture is art, technique, passion and love. Italy is a land rich in architectural works, from the icons of the past to today’s landmarks. Citterio wants to look at its beauty through the eyes of photographers, architects or those of simple lovers of their land.

#archiemiliaromagna is one of many Instagram photographic challenges whose theme is architecture in its multiple forms.

A journey which is real and virtual, where Instagram functions as a loudspeaker, container, fast vehicle through which everyone can share and communicate their “visions”.


Arch. Vittorio Veggetti – General Manager
“Men have always wanted to represent the events of their lives through photography.
At the beginning of history, photographs were graffiti engraved in the stones, later they became paintings on papyrus and then on canvas and then, today, digital.
They may frame unique milestones in life or everyday moments, but what really matters is that they make it possible to leave a fragment of contemporary art to future generations.”

Arch. Paolo Pampanoni – Art Director
“By taking pictures we enclose thoughts or freeze actions, arranging shapes and separating colours. Photographing is creating tiny rooms of daily life where we can always return eventually, to watch and remember.”

Arch. Giorgio Teggi – Chairman of the Association of Architects, Reggio Emilia, Italy
Today, the act of photographing as it has evolved with the development of shooting technologies and the dissemination of images is no longer discriminating between a bare view of reality and its critical description. Today everyone can, at any time, take a picture and share it with countless people. Photography takes on other functions in addition to those it has already acquired – reproduction, interpretation, re-elaboration of all that is visible. The process of sharing images becomes an anthropological tool that reveals what we look at and how: the objects of our looks tend to blend in with us as observers.”

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