Pinuccio Borgonovo


Pinuccio Borgonovo stepped into the world of design through a ten-year training experience at the Molteni Research Center, where he acquired a thorough knowledge of materials, product engineering and industrial design by collaborating with international brands.

In 1987 he started to work as a free-lance designer and consultant for major office and home furniture manufacturers.  He developed internationally successful innovative products and in parallel he worked as artistic director and brand strategy coordinator.

In 2005, Citterio’s ADD table was selected by Design Index for the “Compasso d’Oro” Awards.

His collaborations with famous office and home furniture brands have increased over the years, leading to the development of office concept projects that are also perfectly integrated into the home environment, thanks to the versatility of their composing elements.

His work as a designer is constantly evolving through intensive research into the endless possibilities of expression and transformation of materials and through constant attention to new manufacturing and processing technologies.

In his activity as a designer, he has built valuable partnerships with companies that foster the combination of design and craftsmanship, where the dexterity of the manufacturer brings to life the designer’s boldest ideas in a unique relationship of mutual esteem and understanding.

This ability combines with his passion for never-ending experiments with materials, attention to detail and with the constant dialogue with art directors. The results are collections with a strong identity, internationally successful projects, capable of interpreting the most diverse moods with originality and elegance.