Paolo Pampanoni


Paolo Pampanoni graduated in Architecture in Florence, Italy in 1997, with Adolfo Natalini. In 2000 he opened his own studio in Assisi, Italy, focusing on office and workspace design. In 2002 he started to work on product design, creating office partition walls, furniture systems, light fixtures and padded furniture systems. He is a member of ADI since 2014. His knowledge of products and their manufacturing logics have inspired ideas and stimuli that help enhancing their characteristics and values, adding artistic direction and communication to his professional know-how. A professional evolution that passed from space to products and to the definition of the corporate image of many Italian companies.

He proposed and shared a working method developed along a simple and effective path and defined as “performance-oriented”: it is based on the principle that every aspect of the design process should aim at obtaining a specific, functional, technical, aesthetic or economic performance. In 2017 he founded D+A Srl, a network of professionals, born with the goal of creating an interdisciplinary group of space designers, product designers and communication experts, capable of creating effective connections between objects, spaces and users. Today, Studio Pampanoni and D+A collaborate with several companies, to promote the values of “Made in Italy” and the concept of “corporate and territorial branding”, in Italy and worldwide.