Citterio SpA was established in 1958 in the province of Lecco, Italy and is a reference point in the Italian and foreign market for the manufacturing of office furniture. It is part of the Molteni Group, one of the largest Italian furniture industrial groups, together with Molteni & C, Dada and Unifor.

Citterio supplies to the Italian and foreign markets a wide range of solutions for office furniture: wooden walls, glass walls, storage units, operational and executive furniture systems, movable partitions. The factory in Sirone, Italy, is home to Citterio’s executive technical and commercial offices, showroom and production units where wood and aluminium are processed, and to the painting lines. Research, innovation and manufacturing flexibility have always been the core of the company’s approach, so much so as to lead to the presentation, in 2010, of the first C_SS acoustic box for meetings, which prepared the way to a number of product collections designed to ensure well-being and optimal acoustic performance in work environments.


Citterio’s goal is to meet the new needs of a constantly evolving market. The connection between office furniture and the concept of acoustic comfort is perfectly tuned with new smart and flexible working modes. The values ​​of well-being, functionality and quality inspire each and every collection of office furniture, leading to designing solutions that improve performance and comfort at the workplace. In 2016 the company started to propose acoustic comfort, by presenting its first CSS product followed by the complete “Sound Systems” collection. In 2020, the revolutionary smart-office furniture system “Bridge” was presented.




Citterio aspires to provide the office world with innovative and performing solutions and to pursue sustainable manufacturing logics inspired by the criteria of circular economy. Each new product, from its very initial concept, is developed trying to minimize the use of virgin raw materials while maximizing the recyclability of its individual components at the end of their life cycle. A further expression of this approach is the company’s large cogeneration plant that uses wood waste from processing and packaging and reflects the great attention paid to the environment and to sustainability, at all hierarchical levels.


Citterio has always animated the dialogue between partition walls and office furniture. The company combines and transforms traditional wood craftsmanship and industrial manufacturing processes. Every project stems from the ideas of Italian designers who translate needs and functions into innovative and performing products. Every product is the fruit of the skilled hands of specialised workers who handle wood, glass and aluminium with unique expertise. Each and every collection is selected by designers from all over the world to furnish workspaces inspired by logics of high functionality, comfort, technological flexibility and aesthetic quality.





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