Citterio, a Molteni Group company, has a longstanding commitment that traces back to its founding year in 1958. Since then, the company has been dedicated to creating enhanced work environments by developing office furniture solutions that adapt to the ever-changing demands of an evolving international market.
Right from the beginning, Citterio’s focus on the concept of acoustic comfort has driven it towards excellence, making it a leader today in the production of highly-performing wall systems and acoustic booths.

Citterio’s Headquarters in Sirone, nestled at the foot of the Lake Lecco, serves as the place where the company embodies its core values. Sustainability lies at the heart of the company’s philosophy, and it works tirelessly to create workspaces that not only meet operational needs but also foster environments for sharing, growth, and the exchange of ideas. These spaces encapsulate the characteristics of our time: dynamism, creativity, and productivity.

Citterio’s commitment to research, innovation, and production flexibility has always been a distinctive hallmark of its corporate approach. In 2010, the company opened new horizons by introducing the first C_SS acoustic meeting booth, thus inaugurating a series of product collections designed to promote well-being and optimal acoustic performance in work environments.

Citterio’s ideas seamlessly merge with materials, finishes, and technology studies every day, aiming to create products and projects that reflect its dedication to ecology. Starting from the initial concept, the company minimizes the use of virgin raw materials and integrates circular principles into its manufacturing process. Sustainability is an integral part of who Citterio is and what it does, guiding it towards a future where office furniture is synonymous with environmental responsibility and continuous innovation.