CSS_VILLAGE is a comprehensive and modular system of self-supporting acoustic boxes which offer outstanding levels of flexibility and acoustic well-being thanks to the multitude of possible configurations.

Like an architectural compound, organically built to accommodate the needs of a specific category of inhabitants, CSS_VILLAGE is a kind of city neighbourhood made up of glass cases with internal features, for meetings or individual work, as well as external features to open up to training activities and sociability.

Paolo Pampanoni/Pinuccio Borgonovo/UTC Citterio
Village: an architectural compound built organically like an urban neighbourhood, to accomodate the needs of a specific category of inhabitants. CSS_VILLAGE was born with such a vision.

A liveable work environment needs to suit people’s unique needs, adapt to the rhythm of the daily working life and offer the support tools employees seek.
CSS_VILLAGE aims to do that by unlocking the multiple benefits of a system of free-standing pods and offering the highest level of flexibility and acoustic well-being.

Sound absorbing fabric panels interspersed with transparent glass panes, are joined together by junction elements to create micro-architectures where space and function come together.

Meeting rooms and phone booths are equipped with integrated ventilation systems and feature panels with superior acoustic performance levels. They can incorporate latest-generation video and sound communication systems to provide the highest levels of well-being, whether for a group meeting or an individual call.


As humans, we long for meaningful relationships with those around us.
CSS_VILLAGE was born with that purpose, to create welcoming, warm and shared workspaces. The system combines private areas with communal spaces that enable people to feel part of the community.

Informal areas for trainings, brainstorming sessions and presentations are increasingly becoming more relevant in an interior design project.

With a few interconnected elements, CSS_VILLAGE allows easily reconfigurable multi–functional spaces to be created.


One size doesn’t fit all. That’s why CSS_VILLAGE aims to offer multiple types of spaces. Whether working alone or in teams, you always get the maximum efficiency. If work habits change and a different layout is needed, the system can be easily reconfigured guaranteeing maximum flexibility.

The interweaving beams on the ceiling give rise to the characteristic cantilever pergola.

Visual privacy is also possible by inserting sliding curtains into the upper beams.


CSS_VILLAGE, made of partially recycled materials such as aluminium, PET and glass, makes working sustainably possible. Thanks to its modular building system, CSS_VILLAGE unlocks a circular economy of materials: the components can be disassembled, reused and recycled over the lifespan of the structure. Not only this minimises waste, it also offers more freedom and flexibility to expand and redesign the office over time.

CSS_VILLAGE comprises an extensive and well-organised project where the logics of sustainability, the use of recycled materials and the ability to separate components at the end of the product’s useful life have guided every single technical and manufacturing decision, including that of using - for all upholstered products and acoustic panels - fabrics created with SEAQUAL® YARN: a top-quality 100% post-consumption recycled polyester yarn containing SEAQUAL® MARINE PLASTIC and therefore supporting the SEAQUAL INITIATIVE, the unique collaborative community fighting plastic pollution in our seas.

Micro-architectures comprising cubic and linear volumes joined up with one another in a smooth sequence of perpendicular silhouettes, of positive and negative angles, of blocks and voids, of sounds and silences. They intertwine and form welcoming functional spaces that accomodate a multitude of uses, because every day is a constant change.

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