Studio Pedroli-Vernier & Associati

A professional firm that goes beyond stereotyped offices and creates warm and welcoming atmospheres. Work activities take place in spaces that are pervaded by functional rigour and formal research. Wood has been chosen as the material that characterises the entire layout: it frames glass walls, outlines desk surfaces and niche shelves. Citterio expands the limits of standard products by closely following both the project and the client, in a careful stylistic research. The resulting project is convincing, sober and complete. Wood_Wall wooden wall and Shard desks are the collections selected by the Client and the Designer.

A painstakingly designed route, not just a corridor, but a path articulated and enriched with formal solutions: recessed niches with concealed lighting under the shelves, wooden profiles on glass walls, cleverly shaped false
ceilings. Each and every detail is intently wanted and studied.



The work environment, with its minimal and light atmosphere, has been designed to be a sophisticated work scenario. Its layout is articulated by the perfect transparency of partitions, large surfaces of the architectural frame, by black details on partitions, furniture and light fixtures. Despite the total transparency and visual continuity between adjacent environments, soundproofing and privacy are ensured by glass partition walls, single or double. A tidy, rigorous and modern space. Wood_Wall wooden walls and Shard desks are
the collections selected by the Client and the Designer.

Visibility and privacy, visual continuity and isolation. Aspects that seem to be in contradiction, but that are perfectly harmonised in the real world. Perfect transparency where only sound is confined, environments where
the senses are intrigued by opposite perceptions



A complex project where architecture is the true protagonist of the entire layout. A work space whose historical and evolutionary layers remain perfectly readable as well as the original functions of the building. The sturdy steel beams and large windows are sided by new elements that make originally unpredictable functions possible. The large open space holds meeting rooms and glazed offices, where wood characterises each and every element: flooring, acoustic panelling, workstations. A setting created to fully meet the client’s requirements. Vision walls and Shard Wood desks are the collections selected by the Client and the Designer.

Workstations where different materials are perfectly integrated. Small and very elegant operating islands where wood, glass and metal provide new aesthetic and tactile effects. The service module that holds wires and utilities is turned into a container for small green plants that make the workstation even more welcoming.



The office evolves. Not only do styles and layouts change: the new media and data transmission systems entail a deep change in space management. An attentive planning is required not only for operational dynamics but also for relational, internal and external interactions. The project, and the setting it generates, represent the evolution of the work environment based on the smart office guidelines, that is an office that allows working from anywhere and relate to anyone, going beyond any consolidated stereotype. An integrated set of atmospheres and suggestions. Basic walls and Shard desks are the collections selected by the Client and the Designer

Modern architecture within an envelope of amazing industrial archaeology. Two different languages that overlap in bringing back to life an abandoned industrial site. An evolutionary approach to architecture that recovers the recent past by aligning it with modern technical, functional and stylistic needs