Citterio, products for change

Citterio is ready to face the change triggered by new technologies and smart working through focusing on furnishing systems that respond to the new functional and relational modes of agile work. Today’s office life has become independent of the traditional workstation. We can work anywhere and in any way.

Traditional layouts have been overtaken by a “widespread layout” approach where our office and on-line activities share spaces with our personal life. Citterio goes beyond the typology and production constraints of furniture manufacturing by integrating design, ergonomics, acoustics and technology in each and every product, to create solutions that are the perfect answer to the needs of office work, home life and on-line meetings. Innovative systems of fixed- or adjustable-height workstations, aluminium or solid-wood partition walls, latest-generation acoustic booths, painstakingly designed to define styles and approaches inspired by comfort and efficiency criteria, in line with the most current trends.


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