Citterio opens its new showroom at the Sirone Headquarters. This new space is driven by a specific strategic vision: to embrace transformation, to embark on a path towards a renewed identity for the brand, a significant evolution that aligns with the dynamic and ever-expanding international market.

The new space is a window open to the world, where transformation meets innovation, reflecting the Brand’s renewed identity in the dynamic world of office design.

At the heart of the factory, a warm and welcoming corridor accompanies the visitor from the production areas to the showcase environment, a choice aimed at strengthening the close relationship between production and products.

Citterio’s new headquarters showroom is a window open to the world, a meeting place for professionals where ideas, materials, technologies, and finishes blend together to give new visibility to products and inspire new interior design proposals.

One of the focal points of the new showroom is Wood Wall partition walls by Pinuccio Borgonovo – UTC Citterio, which reflects the company’s meticulous and renewed research on materials.

Wood Wall defines the internal perimeters of the space becoming an important structural element in its solid version.

The characteristics of wood, such as temperature, colour, and flexibilty, are enhanced and take shape in an elegant and comfortable solution.

The showroom showcases a wide range of products: Shard, Basic, Bridge, Point, Inlay collections, along with the Basic, Vision, Wood Wall, CSS walls, which give the space an elegant and contemporary aesthetic, meeting the needs of modern work environments.

The new Citterio showroom includes a spacious room dedicated to presentations and trainings for both internal and external teams, fostering a culture of continuous learning.

A dedicated area for the material library is conceived to offer the visitor a complete and immersive experience, where product knowledge becomes tangible through the tactile discovery of materials.

Two monoliths at the center of the material library showcase examples of Citterio’s extensive customization capability and reflect the ability of the brand to answer the many requirements of today’s workplace.

One of the focal points of the showroom is CSS_Village, a system that transcends the traditional acoustic room concept and extends the functionality of work beyond the “box”.

CSS_VILLAGE translates the concept of an architectural urban compound. The system combines private areas with communal spaces that enable people to feel part of a working community.

CSS_VILLAGE is a system of free-standing pods offering the highest level of flexibility and acoustic well-being.

The interior design project of Citterio’s new showroom, by Studio Klass, the brand’s Art Directors, started from a deep study of the company and its context.

“The connection with the territory, its natural elements, and high technical expertise have been the starting point for designing an environment that enhances Citterio’s identity. Hence, the choice of warm tones and textured finishes that evoke nature and juxtapose the precise and essential lines of the products, accentuating their technical characteristics.”

– Marco Maturo, co-founder of Studio Klass